Voice Mail Services

QuVoiceMail-P is a Voice Mail system specially designed for office segment where incoming caller deposits message for a person who is not reachable on phone at that moment. It is a collection and retrieval box for such messages. When the person realizes that there are messages pending to hear, he simply accesses this box, authenticates himself, and reads the messages. Once the message is read, the person has an option to delete the message. The person can skip messages and reach a particular message directly.

Why us?

Modular Design

QuVoiceMail-P has following three important functional modules:

(1) Creation of Voice Mail Box: At the time of implementation, a voice mail box for every person will be created. As and when there is a message for an individual, the message will be stored in his own mailbox. No one will have access except the owner of the box. The limit on the messages which are kept live for hearing in a particular box is 100 (can be increased subject to requirement).

(2) Accessing recorded Messages: As and when person wishes to hear the pending messages, he/she can simply access QuVoiceMail-P by pressing the key on the instrument, enter the password (define separately per mailbox), and simply hear the messages. If require the messages can be skipped to reach the required one. After hearing, if person wishes, he has an option to delete the message.

(3) Deletion of Voice Mail Box: When the person quits or transfers from the physical location to some other location out of QuVoiceMail-P area of functioning, there is an option for supervisor to delete all messages and delete the mailbox itself.